13 Jun 2017
June 13, 2017

Another ADA Congress

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I just returned from Melbourne after attending another Australian Dental Congress, this one being in Melbourne.  They are held every two years with the first one I attended being in Sydney in 1988.  I was a member of the local organising committee for the congress in Perth in 1998 so I know how much work goes into these big meetings.  Back then we had monthly meetings of the committee for 2.5 years to work through every detail, so for me to just turn up and learn is such a treat.  Three days of lectures and clinics, up to four streams running in parallel from 8 until 5:30 leaves you little tired by the end.  For me there is also the honours societies meetings and formal dinners so a typical day is 6 am util 10 pm.  Add interviewing lecturers for our Dental Files CD and there was no rest for the wicked I can tell you.

What is Dental Files? It is an audio product produced four times a year by the ADA for our 10,000 members.  They are generally informal interviews of the keynote lecturers at various dental meetings during the year plus a few other special items.  I am one of the interviewers and as such am lucky to sit with some of the leading lights in my profession from around the world and can have a good long chat about what they are currently doing and what the future may hold. I have also been honoured to be interviewed a few times for the Dental files after presentations to groups of dentists, such as late last year when I presented at the Quintessence International Symposium, the second largest meeting held in Australia (behind the ADA Congress).  Listen to the Scott Davis Dental Files Interviews.

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