There can be many causes of discoloured teeth, and some of the most common are tea, coffee, cola drinks, red wine and smoking. Other causes can be natural, such as genetics and aging, or even the use of certain medicines.

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) can be a great way to get your teeth looking whiter and brigher.

What types of bleaching do we perform?

There are three main types of bleaching procedures that we perform:

  • In surgery bleaching
  • Home bleaching
  • Bleaching a root filled tooth

In Surgery Bleaching – (sometimes called Zoom Bleaching)

The in-surgery bleaching we perform is from KOR deep bleaching.  I have used many systems over the last 25 years and nothing compares to the results of the KOR deep bleaching system.   If you want whiter teeth right now or if you have sensitive teeth, then KOR is for you. You will be able to get your teeth whiter with KOR than with home bleaching alone.

We always make home bleaching trays for all our KOR patients for two reasons.

  1. So you can pre-treat and post-treat your teeth with tooth mousse, which is a bit like moisturiser for teeth. It rehydrates the teeth and provides calcium for mineralisation.
  2. To allow you to do a little home bleaching after the KOR session to ‘touch up’ the colour, as well in the future when some darkening of the teeth may occur from foods and beverages.

How long does it take?
The process takes about two hours all up with the actual bleaching time about one hour.

Is home bleaching for me?
If you have sensitive teeth, then KOR bleaching will be more suitable for you than home bleaching. And if you are in a hurry to get your teeth whiter, then you will see immediate results with just one appointment.

Home Bleaching

Home bleaching is a popular bleaching procedure to whiten teeth. Basically, two very thin ‘trays’ (think of a mouthguard about the thickness of a credit card) are custom made to cover your teeth but not your gums. Once a day you place a bleaching gel (either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide) in the trays for one to eight hours, depending on the product and method used.

How long does it take?
Tooth whitening usually takes from about two to four weeks depending on how long the trays are worn for and the strength of the gel we use.

Is home bleaching for me?
Some people experience no side effects from home bleaching, whilst others have reported an increased sensitivity to cold. However if this occurs, it will cease once the treatment has stopped. We would generally not recommended this technique to people who have exposed root surfaces or sensitive teeth.

Bleaching a Root Filled Tooth

When bleaching a root filled tooth, the filling on the inside of the tooth is removed and a special gel is placed into the tooth and sealed with a temporary filling. This is also called “walking” bleach because it left for one to two weeks to slowly change the colour.